Automating Homeeasy using Arduino - Goal of the project

I am skipping some of the techinical details and just outlining the Goal of this project.

I want to be able to control the Homeeasy HE302S - REMOTE CONTROL SOCKET from an Arduino.

The Arduino will be equipped with a AM transmitter and will utilise the Basic protocol to communicate with the sockets.

The Arduino will also have an Ethernet Shield installed.

It will connect via Ethernet to a web server and get a very simple web page.

The page will only contain very simple data, which will be the instructions for the Arduino.

On the web server side of things, it will be possible to schedule devices to turn off and on. It will also be possible to manually control, via a web page, the operations of the devices.

Scenario 1:
So, for example if I want to turn on a lamp, I just click the on button beside the associated lamp description on the web page. The web page then generates a request, which will result in a new version of the Arduinos web to be created.

If the lamp is attached to socket Group A Unit 1, the web page will contain the instructinos 'A,1,on'.

The Arduino will fetch the page, read and parse the instructions and transmit Group A, Unit 1, Command On.

The relevant socket will respond and the light goes on.

Other Scenarios: This type of functionality would be very useful. It would bring the Homeeasy devices into the arena which used to be occupied by X10.

The beauty of the Homeeasy, is that is is relatively cheap and easy to set-up. The manual remote work quite well and don't depend on the Arduino/Server to up available.

This will allow the UAT (User Acceptance Test) to pass easily.

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last modified: December 05 2010