HP iPaq 6300 - Replace Backup Battery

Here is the battery status page on the IPaq. You can see that the Backup Battery charge is at 0%.


This is Void your Warrenty time.

The main battery removed. There are 4 screws that need to be removed.


1. Remove the 4 screws
2. Remove the back cover



The black ariel part is part of the back cover. It may be lightly welded to the front cover.
You can scrape it off. I wouldn't cut it.

Use you nails to pry the back cover off, starting at the sides. It comes off quite easily.



There is a ribon cable on the right hand side, so the motherboard cannot be fully removed.

3. Unclip the microphone on the bottom right.
4. Loosen the Motherboard.

Carefully lift the motherboard, starting at the top. There are little clips on the sides which can be simply pressed open.


When the motherboard is free, carefully fold over to the right.


Here is a picture of the motherboard turned around.


5. Prepare the new battery.

Battery Location


The battery I got was not exactly the same as the one in the iPaq. The one in the iPaq has metal tabs, whereas the new one had little wires. Not a problem.


There was a little connector on the end of the new battery. No use in this case. Cut it off.

I also removed the little plastic sleve because there was not much room to position the battery once it is replaced.

Tin the end of the wires with solder.


6. Remove the old battery.

Now to remove the existing battery from the iPaq. I used a desoldering pump to remove excess solder during the removal process.

The old battery was removed very easily.


Now this an important bit!!

If you look at the picture of the battery below, you can see two connectors at the top of the battery.


The one on the left is the negative (-) and the right is positive (+).

On the new battery the red wire is positive (+).

7. Solder in the new battery.

Just solder new wires, grey on the left and red on the right.


8. Stick in the new battery.

There was a little spot of double sided tape on one side of the battery. Peel off the blister and fix to the motherboard.


Almost done.

9. Reassemble everything.

The IR module at the top of the board may be a bit tricky to fit. I used a tweezer to position it before the motherboard was pushed fully home.

Start at the bottom. Everything goes back with a satisfying click. No need to force anything.

Make sure that the main interface is correctly positioned at the hole in the bottom of the case.

Reconnect the microphone.

Pop on the back cover. Fit the screws and main battery.

10. Charge the device.

Finally charge it. I found that the mains powered charger better. It is quicker anyway.

Turn it on. Run through set-up.

Select Start, Settings, System Tab and then Power. Watch that sucker charge.


Final picture showing all batteries charged to 100%. Woopie!

11. The End.

Time for a Beer, I think.

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last modified: December 05 2010