Cajun Spice Mix

70 Grams Course Ground Black Pepper

26 Grams Garlic Powder

50 Grams Paprika

25 Grams Salt

7 Grams Dried Origano

10 Grams Dried Parsley

Mix together

Great with Chicken, Pork, Potato Wedges or basically anything.

To use just place the food in a bowl and sprinkle sufficient powder.
I suppose you need enough to cover the food.

Then grill or barbacue. It can be fried but it burns easily and creates loads of smoke.

NOTE: One interesting thing. This mix gives a reasonably hot result,
the pepper also gives a fairly smokey flavour. Mmmmmm....
If you are using fine ground black pepper, you will need to reduce the amount by 1/3. Otherwise it is very hot.